Surface Treatment

We use natural oil mixtures followed by wood soap as the surface finish.   Frequent application of surface treatment oil/soap/wax will help to maintain the wood's protective barrier against environment and wear from use.  In order to keep your SINGULAR in the best possible condition, you should clean the wood with a white non-abrasive pad once a year.  Next, treat the surface with a natural wood soap, oil, or wax.  Please note that some waxes or oils may change the appearance of the surface so first test the application on a small, inconspicuous spot.  Natural treatment sprays can be used as well.  Do not use silicone based or other non-natural treatment oils or waxes.

Please note that you should always wipe the surface clean and dry of any liquids as soon as possible (in 15 minutes). Clean the surface normally with a damp cloth, using organic soaps.


Dry Climates

In dry climates the wood may shrink.  This may cause cracks, called checks, which are a very natural reaction of the wood to its environment.  This kind of crack will usually disappear when the climate turns more humid and the wood swells.  However, if you notice splitting extending from the end of the piece and across the surface, please contact us.