Installing SINGULAR

Hardware is included to install SINGULAR into studs, drywall, or plaster/lathe wall types.  The small screws fasten the two main pieces of SINGULAR together while the 2 long screws are used for fastening SINGULAR to the wall either into studs or using the wall anchors.  We recommend installing directly into studs for best stability; the mounting holes have been configured for this application.  See diagram below.

Marking and drilling holes

After determining the approximate location of where you'd like to mount your console, use a stud finder to locate studs in the area and mark their location.  To accommodate typical stud spacing and allow for flexibility in positioning, SINGULAR has pairs of holes 16" apart on center; any pair will suffice.  Next, with a level on your console, hold it at the desired height, align the pair of holes you're using over the studs and make a mark on the wall through the holes.   

For mounting into studs, drill pilot holes using a 7/64" or 3mm bit.  Do not drill pilot holes through the console's mounting holes as the bit or chuck could cause damage.  

Using wall anchors
If you are unable to mount directly into studs, wall anchors are included for installing in drywall or plaster/lathe applications as well as solid wall types like concrete.  Use a 1/4" (6mm) bit to drill holes for the anchors.

Masonry block, or brick walls
SINGULAR can be installed in masonry wall types; however, the supplied hardware isn't designed for these applications.  Please consult your local hardware store for the appropriate masonry hardware or contact us and we'll do our best to advise you for your application.