Q: What if the one I want is sold out?


A: Oh no!  We're sorry the species or size in which you're interested is sold out; there will be more. 

Send us an email noting the species in which you're interested and we'll be in touch with you regarding when it will be available.



Q: Where do you make your products?

A: Alpha India is based Portland, OR where we design and develop our products.  As most hardwoods are harvested on the East Coast and Midwest, we work with manufacturing partners on the East Coast close to the source of our raw materials. 



Q: Will you make custom pieces?

A: Yes!  We can accommodate customization in larger orders for business or personal use.  SINGULAR can be manufactured in a length you specify and/or in a wide variety of hardwoods and exotic species (so long as they aren't endangered).  If you're looking for something specific please don't hesitate to send an email telling us a little bit about your project so we can discuss your needs.



Q: Do you offer trade discounts?

A:  We are happy to work with tradespeople interested in specifying SINGULAR.  Please email info@alphaindia.is and include a link to your website.



Q: Will the magnets harm my electronics?

A: Modern solid state electronics aren't affected by magnets.  Flash memory, such as in USB sticks, smart phones, tablets, and SSDs (Solid State Drives) won't be harmed by the magnets in SINGULAR.  In fact, many electronics manufacturers use magnets to attach accessories to these devices.  Credit cards are safe too.

However, hard disk drives, such as those in many external hard drives and laptops can be harmed by the magnets.  DO NOT place your external HDD, laptop (unless you know it has SSD flash storage), iPod Classic, or floppy disks directly on SINGULAR.  Please exercise the same care around SINGULAR with these HDD storage devices that you would around speakers.